We are a group of students currently working towards a Photography degree at Reigate School of Art. We are an all female collective, each of us producing very different work. These differences allow us to produce exhibitions which have a large variety of subjects and styles. We have worked together to produce this website and we are very proud of what we have achieved. We also run a group Instagram and facebook where our images are displayed and have behind the scenes information, so make sure to follow us on there to stay up to date.

To start our final year, we embarked on a project about photographic exhibitions. Within this project we have created a digital exhibition during lockdown, we have called this first exhibition ‘November 2020’, as this was the main date that the images came from. This first exhibition was a snapshot of where our work was at the time and a way for us to test out our skills and see how successful an online exhibition would be.

Building on the success of this first exhibition we decided to put on another one, however this exhibition would be a full presentation of the work that we produced during our first semester. Our new exhibition “A Response To Nothing” showcases a range of different work that we have all produced during this difficult time. Unfortunately one of our members was unable to partake in this exhibition due to illness. 

From this we then decided to add a third exhibition ‘Candescent Light’ to showcase our different styles in response to a similar theme.

We are looking forward to adding more work here in the future as we continue to adapt to this new world. So stay tuned for more.

Follow us on Instagram for more

Contact us at: reigatephoto@gmail.com

Or contact an individual member:

Amy Dunbar – amydun1975@gmail.com

Immy Fraser – imogenfraser87@gmail.com

Chelsea Hall – chelseahall1803@gmail.com

Nathalie White – boho-girl1980@hotmail.com

Emily Keitch-Baker – emilykeitchbakerr@gmail.com

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